These are some of my random writings. I thought I would keep them here in this blog and share them! They are fictional but as you know every fiction has some reality in them!

January 10, 2006

The soul of the earth

There inside the ground beats the heart of our world
hot molten core pulses endlessly
it pushes through its veins the waters from the ocean
it heaves with tremors that rent its surface
exposing a new landscape, hills become mountains,
valley’s become gorges and so the earth changes
but its heart beats

Time is meaningless to this earth, its changes take
place in hundreds of thousands of years what is a
few hundred years to wait for the creation of a new
landscape? Its shape designed and created now made
possible and so the earth changes but its heart beats.

Its heart beats, veins run with water, its limbs are
the trees, its skin made from rock and sand,
its eyes and ears the animals who populate its surface.
All parts know their function all work together in
harmony to sustain and increaseits vastness
and so the earth changes but its heart beats.

The earth existed in unity with all, like a great machine
its parts working flawlessly with each other.
But the world was not a machine for it had a heart
and with a heart came a spirit, a soul.

A soul: the central or integral part; the vital core.

But where is the soul of the earth?

It is in all of us.
We are the ones who give meaning to this earth.
In all we do we honour this world by giving it
a reason to continue to evolve.

Written : 9/9/04

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