These are some of my random writings. I thought I would keep them here in this blog and share them! They are fictional but as you know every fiction has some reality in them!

December 29, 2005

One final reach

A seed is planted, it is watered and has the rays of the sun to live and grow.

We are created.

We are born.

We are given food and drink but we are given something much more precious, we are given
faith, we are given knowledge of God.
Our parents must 'cultivate' this knowledge just as a tree.
Our faith grows strong with each passing year. The roots of the tree, our 'soul', our faith gets
stronger, strengthened by Allah and cared for by our parents.
We live day by day, in the hopes that our ‘roots’ will strengthen, our knowledge will grow, our
faith will be strong. There comes a day when the tree is shaken, its roots shaken from their once
secure home what will hold it in place?
What will keep our faith from being shaken?
The only answer is faith. Faith in Allah, that we will be put back into our 'secure' ground, that our
roots will be strengthened once more by our good deeds and intentions.
Can you imagine a life long struggle and how 'deep' your roots will be if you proceed with good
intentions, praising and keeping Allah's name in your heart and on your lips.
This 'tree' will grow strong, reaching its branches high and wide, just as your faith will reach high.
Reaching towards your creator in the hopes that you will one day reach far enough to reach
Allah. Now, your branches are high, strong and old, your roots firmly planted, you are in
unshakable ground. Your faith has granted you a long life and as you grow 'old' you reach one
final time towards the heavens, towards your creator, your final intention is to reach the
hereafter. You see the sky open, and your branches reach high and are made strong from faith
and love. You reach the garden, the garden of the hereafter, where your roots and branches will
live forever with the Grace and Mercy of Allah.

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