These are some of my random writings. I thought I would keep them here in this blog and share them! They are fictional but as you know every fiction has some reality in them!

December 22, 2005

My life…

My life…
Standing on the edge
Waiting for the next thing to happen
Wondering what to do
See and hear
Do and learn
Live to exist
Exist to survive
Just to be…

Is it enough to just exist
Or is there something more to it all
I sit and ask these questions of myself in the
Dark and quiet of my soul
I search for the answers
Solutions in the depths of confusion
Chaos in clarity
Delusion in the face of certainty

I stare at the waters of contentment
Wading within its shores never touching
Only teasing me with its clarity
Its temptation
Its vision
Its reality
Its complete honesty
Its life

My life
My temptations
My visions
My reality
My honesty
My life…

Written - August 1 1999

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