These are some of my random writings. I thought I would keep them here in this blog and share them! They are fictional but as you know every fiction has some reality in them!

December 22, 2005


I sit and look at you
I look and wonder
I see and I am blind

Show me what you see
Show me what you know
Show me your soul
Show me your heart

See what I am
What I can be and will be
See with your eyes
See with your soul
That which we both already know

I see you as you were
I see you as you are
I see you as you will be

I want to see you with me
I want to see you
I need to see you
I wish to be with you

All of time is not enough
Eternity is just a twinkle in the life of a star
Forever is…

All of this I will give to you
All you need do is but ask
And I shall give you this and more


Written - June 10 1999

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